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From hospitality to healthcare to corporate and retail markets,
York Contract’s wallcoverings set the highest of standards for performance and environmental stewardship.

Stylemakers Since 1895

York Wallcoverings is the oldest and largest wallcovering manufacturer in the US and for good reason.


In business since 1895, York Wallcoverings is the oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer in the United States. This heritage of manufacturing experience creates the foundation for technological innovations and mastery of design which are the signature of the York family of products.



Long recognized for its collective talent, the York Wallcoverings studio enjoys a well-earned reputation known for innovative styling and fine artistry. From modern to classic, York Wallcoverings creates timeless designs for homes and commercial environments that are defined by relevance for contemporary living. 

Drawing from our past, the revered York's Archives provide access to thousands of document designs dating back to the early 18th century. These documents are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and reference for the artists, designers and stylists who create York’s beautiful patterns.


York is one of the only printing companies in the world to own and operate all seven different types of wallpaper printing presses. The company’s original 125-year-old rare surface presses continue to produce beautiful, distinctive document designs alongside the newest in state-of-the-art presses; each giving a distinctive look to the finished wallcovering.

Sculpted Inks

Sculptured Ink from our Studio Source brand offers artisan hand crafted designs paired with commercial durability

Captivate and Create

We captivate the design audience with our approach to craftsmanship; working coveted heirloom presses alongside state of the art technologies for a powerful master mix.

We create a diverse modern portfolio. Our world-renowned studio is unmatched in aesthetics and supported by a legacy of design.